Progressive Media Professionals

Calling progressive producer /director, camera operators, sound recordists, and editors! Our grassroots network is essential to the success of our movement. We will reach out to you if we have candidates in your region who need your services. If you are not available, there is no obligation whatsoever.

  • How can I help?

    By entering your name and address into our sign-up form, you will join our network and receive production details when we match you with a candidate.

  • How do I make the video?

    All of our videos follow a simple format. You will meet the candidate, film the questions and upload the footage. We edit. Once you sign up, you will receive our Field Producer Guide. Easy.

  • Where will these videos reside?

    Completed videos will be given to candidates. The videos will also reside on our site with a link to the candidate’s site.

  • Where will I do this?

    We will keep travel time to a minimum by matching you with a candidate in your area.

  • And in return...?

    In return, you will know that you’ve joined a very important movement that is changing the face of the American political landscape. You will meet awesome women who are stepping up to lead. And finally, you and your team can upload a picture and statement to our website as part of our Media Professionals Directory.

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