Progressive Media Professionals

Our grassroots network of progressive film directors, producers and editors are essential to the success of our movement. Please join us now. This is a great opportunity for new and aspiring media creators and there is no obligation whatsoever.

  • How can I help?

    By entering your name and address into our sign-up form, you will join our network and receive production details when we match you with a candidate.

  • How do I make the video?

    All of our videos follow a simple format. You will meet the candidate, film the questions and upload the footage. We edit. Once you sign up, you will receive our Field Producer Guide. Easy.

  • Where will these videos reside?

    Completed videos will be given to candidates. The videos will also reside on our site with a link to the candidate’s site.

  • Where will I do this?

    We will keep travel time to a minimum by matching you with a candidate in your area.

  • And in return...?

    In return, you and your team can upload a picture and short statement to our website as part of our Field Producers Directory.

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