Progressive Women Running For Office

Our Amplify Local offers campaign videos to progressive women running for any political position for $95. This is a great opportunity for you to connect with your voters and tell them YOUR story.

  • Why are we doing this?

    Women’s presence and voices are necessary in the political landscape. Together, we will strengthen and expand the pathways by which women can be heard and represented.

  • Who is eligible for a $95 Video?

    Any progressive, pro-choice women in each election cycle running for elected office. Answer the 6 Questions in the form to see if you qualify.

  • Who will make the video?

    Once you enter your information into our sign-up form, we will work to match you to a media professional in your area. Our goal is to build a robust enough network so that even if you live in a rural area of the country, we will have someone to make your video.

  • Where will these videos reside?

    Completed videos will be given to candidates for their unlimited use. The most effective venue is through social media campaigns. The videos will also reside on our site and on your free profile page with a link to the candidate’s site.

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