What happened on November 7, 2017, the first election cycle after the surprising day in 2016 we remember all too well? Change. Lots of it. Across the nation Progressive candidates took seats from Republicans. This first vital step towards a re-envisioned future was made possible by countless people truly energized into action by their refusal to let misogyny and misinformation win.

At Putting Women In Their Place, the task before us was to amplify the voices of committed candidates at the local level who could bring about change that benefits everyone in a positive, progressive way —and we remain 100% committed to it heading into 2018 midterms.

We launched barely 2 months ago and in that time, we made 43 videos for progressive women in Ohio, Minnesota, New York and Georgia. (You can see all of them on our website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel). A couple of remarkable statistics to hold onto:

    • 30% of our candidates were women of color
    • 40% of our candidates won their elections.
    • our candidates’ videos posted to social media generated tens of thousands of hits.

One of our candidates, Andrea Jenkins, became the first openly trans woman of color elected in the United States. She was voted to serve in the Minneapolis city council. Andrea will prioritize affordable housing, raising minimum wage, treating violence among youths as a public health issue, and supporting women’s and minority causes, including LGBTQIA rights issues. She is a big supporter of PWITP and the feeling is mutual. 

On the crest of this post-election wave of optimism and victory we all need to keep looking ahead to the next wave, the next election, and the next set of Progressive candidates to be elected to office.  Midterms are a year away, and already we have 20 candidates from 13 states requesting videos.

The most important task before us in 2018 is to amplify the voices of Progressives in traditionally conservative areas. We must remember that Progressives are everywhere and we are the majority.

The candidates we interviewed on camera were extremely grateful that people outside their district found their race important enough to support. And they are. Each and every local race impacts the whole of the United States by moving us in the direction that best impacts everyone. No one must be left behind. If you are able to donate, know that your contributions go directly to producing videos that we give for free to candidates with small budgets.  I thank you for your donations and our candidates do too.

Megan Park

Megan Park

Putting Women In Their Place came to me after the 2016 election because I knew that I was not interested in running for office but wanted to support the progressive pro-choice women who were. Telling stories, connecting with people and making videos is what I know how to do. Looking forward...

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