There are progressive voices everywhere. In the nearly two years since the 2016 presidential election, record numbers of women have registered at their local boards of election. Why? To carry the standard of democracy into the real world—in which women make up 51% of the population but only 19% serve in Congress. In 50 states, only 6 women serve as governor. And exactly 0% of US presidents have been women. That is a statistic all Americans have at their fingertips.

So, more women are running for office in the 2018 midterm elections than ever before, because they know for a fact that women are not being represented in government.

But those searchable statistics are just for higher office. When it comes to how many women are running for down-ballot offices, like sheriff, school board, city council, county clerk, or judge—”no statistics available.”

We can tell you beyond a doubt that women are running for state and local office in record numbers. How? Because they are coming to us. Putting Women in Their Place has already made over 70 videos for candidates in 12 states and we’re not done yet. We are working to film 15 more candidates in 4 more states within the next week. Why do we focus our attention on down-ballot women?

The pipeline, that’s why.

Our Trickle Up Theory is all about the pipeline—filling it up with women holding office all over the country. Local governments affect us all the most and we don’t even realize it. Local government sets the tone and the practices that impact us where we live. Women are natural leaders in their communities. They are running for office, they will win their seats, serve their terms, and then run again. And again.

The woman who runs for school board in her town will be on the ballot for town council next time.
The woman who wins a seat on her city council, may later become mayor or county legislator. And she’ll keep rising, along with her message…

…until there are 218 women in Congress and 50 women in the Senate. Or more.
…until half the governors in the US are women
…and the next woman who runs for president is not judged, devalued, and torn apart because of her gender.

Turning up the volume on the voices of women—that’s what we do. PWITP uses the power of media to change the status quo by amplifying the progressive message of women candidates.

There’s a flood coming and the waters will all run up hill. Capitol Hill, that is.

Megan Park

Megan Park

Putting Women In Their Place came to me after the 2016 election because I knew that I was not interested in running for office but wanted to support the progressive pro-choice women who were. Telling stories, connecting with people and making videos is what I know how to do. Looking forward...

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