Since 1986, South by Southwest has been a tool for creatives to develop their careers by bringing together people from around the globe to meet, learn and share ideas. Austin, Texas is the epicenter of this annual conference, and Putting Women in Their Place was lucky enough to be part of the experience this March.

Team PWITP (from left to right)
Tanner Segbers, Megan Park, Jennifer Howd, Katie Wallace, Kiki Rosatti

PWITP hosted a workshop, Building a Media Network for Progressive Politics, along with Democracy for America CEO, Yvette Simpson. “I really enjoyed the energy. The city was buzzing, and there was a confluence of different people exchanging ideas, passions, and engagement,” Simpson said.

Yvette Simpson, Democracy for America CEO

That energy was palpable. And since amplifying women’s authentic voices is what we do best, we were eager to showcase our process by presenting a live taping at the workshop.

Through a simple Facebook search, we discovered San Antonio city council candidate, Jada Andrews-Sullivan. Jada is a local business owner, veteran and a proud mother. She is passionate and poised to create a better, brighter and more inclusive community.

Another fabulous addition to our Texas team was local videographer, Julia Hilder. Julia has spent her career in media, and graciously donated a day of her time to help bring this workshop to life. Keep an eye out to see the video Julia captured for us.

San Antonio City Council candidate, Jada-Andrews Sullivan
+ Austin videographer, Julia Hilder

“Witnessing so many new, bright, exciting ideas, all in one place, was awe-inspiring . Whatever your field or interests – politics, film, tech, music, business, comedy, journalism, entrepreneurship, etc. – the movers and shakers of that sector were there. Being present with those who are living their most authentic and inspired lives is thrilling,” PWITP CEO + Founder, Megan Park said.

We have returned to Cincinnati invigorated and ready to continue serving women candidates around the country. This truly is a nationwide movement, and we are proud to be at the forefront.

See y’all at SXSW 2020!

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