What inspired you to run for office? “I was inspired to run for office by Ruth Bader Ginsburg. RBG has spent her life unapologetically fighting for what she believes is right, and her example has taught me that if there is an injustice occurring, it’s our duty to step up and fix it. I believe that students and the issues that they care most about are not being adequately represented in Ames. I am running for City Council to change that.”

What are you fighting for? “I am fighting for a vibrant, inclusive and accessible Ames where young people like myself want to stay and start their lives. This means investing in the parks, libraries, and other community amenities that make Ames a great place to live, but also in building affordable housing and protecting tenants’ rights. I also know that no matter how great our city is, the climate crisis we’re currently in jeopardizes everything. I am fighting for local solutions to combat this crisis. We often look to the national or state government to make those sorts of changes, but I believe there are many things we can do locally to have a global impact. Overall, as a student at ISU, in a town where more than half of the population is also students, I believe we need real representation on Council. As an ISU student and lifelong Ames resident, I will be able to represent everyone who calls Ames home.”

What do you want voters to know about you? “While first and foremost I am running to make positive change in my community, this election will also be historic. If I am elected, I will be the youngest woman elected to office in Iowa’s history. We need more young people, and especially young women, running for office. I am proud to be a part of the growing list of women doing so.”

Social Media: @rachelforames
Website: www.rachelforames.com

“If you’re in Ames, we would love for you to get involved with our campaign by helping knock doors and register voters. If you’re not in town, a donation is always appreciated.”

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