Meet Tanner Segbers

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“Human Swiss Army knife,” is how Megan Park, founder of PWITP, describes Tanner Segbers’ superpower. And he embraces it fully. He’s a one-man band, when it comes to the creative tech stuff—content creation, videography, editing.

The post-production work Tanner does so well is instrumental in the mission of PWITP. In the proverbial “cutting room” one can make or break a story. Tanner also goes out on location to wield his camera—or he does it in the home studio—capturing footage of candidates in the Midwest region.

So, although technical skills and knowledge are vital to his job, so is a sense of narrative, a good eye, intuition for what will “connect” with an audience, and so much more. Tanner can pump out smart, finished videos faster than you can say, “Get out and vote!” And when it comes to campaign videos, quick turnaround is the name of the game.

As PWITP grows and the numbers of videos they produce burgeons, the more help, the better. So, thanks to the systems he’s put in place, others can now pitch in to assist with some of the work. Tanner explains, “I built a structure for the editing work, for example now there are project files containing all the templates, so things are streamlined.” He also built graphics for every candidate, so that any “cutdowns” (shorter versions of a video with a different emphasis or highlight) a candidate wants can be produced relatively quickly because so much is already in place.

Though he has not been out of college for long—Tanner majored in electronic media at the University of Cincinnati’s College-Conservatory of Music—he has lots of experience under his belt already. He has worked behind the camera and in sound mixing and editing for a variety of film projects in the region, and in addition to candidate videos, has worked on other projects with PWITP’s sister company, Little Sprig Productions.   

Tanner is devoted to PWITP and its mission. He recalls being gradually drawn in to a powerful awareness of how broken things were in our country. One of his first big jobs was in Michigan when he filmed many candidates in a short time. The topic of chemically contaminated drinking water was on everyone’s platform. “The women who are running—no matter what part of the country they are from–are just trying to help people who are being screwed by the system. Either state reps are looking the other way because of corporate contributions or they just don’t care. The candidates we work with care.”

Tanner, our eager Swiss Army Knife, is a young professional willing to try anything. He is spreading his wings (or his utility knife, saw and corkscrew) on interesting projects, and loving every minute.

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