Meet Jennifer Howd

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“I see potential where others might not. And then I make connections.”

Whether she is connecting people to people, people to jobs, people to opportunities, this ability is one of Jennifer Howd’s super powers. At PWITP, it is what Jennifer does on a daily basis. When she first came on board, she could have been given the title “Director of Bringing Potential to Fruition,” but ended up with a slightly more pragmatic “Director of the Media Professionals and Strategic Partnerships Network.”

Over coffee, eggs, and goetta at Pleasant Ridge Chili, Jennifer chatted with me about the path that brought her to Cincinnati, now, so that the planets could align perfectly and she could use her superpowers to help move PWITP even further along in its mission to get progressive women into office. That path involved decisions made with her family, partner Kate and son Angus, to move from LA.

Jennifer’s background in film post production in New York City, and her experience as the co-creator of Q-Me Con (Conference for Queer Media Entertainment), make this naturally creative and systems-oriented dynamo perfect for taking the pre-production and quality control side of PWITP in hand.

Immediately, upon joining the PWITP team, Jennifer created an amazing operational infrastructure that could be used to find and train media professionals nationwide. Once she gets the pipeline filled with camera people, directors, and producers, all the moving parts appear on a spreadsheet that she and other team members can use to set up shoots and conduct all follow-up.

Jennifer is also a writer, who has written and developed screenplays, articles, even a book about her experience in a silent meditation retreat, called Sit, Walk, Don’t Talk, published by Parallax Press (and available on Amazon!). Her storytelling vision helps her see potential wherever she looks. She has a knack for predicting how things are going to “turn out.” She believes Putting Women in Their Place will go far, grow bigger and bigger, and make a difference in ever-increasing numbers of lives.

She is moved by the enthusiasm shown by so many media experts, and their eagerness to volunteer for the candidates. “I thank them for their time and expertise and they say, ‘No, thank YOU for giving me an opportunity to help change happen.’ They love what we’re doing and that passion to do good is what will shift the tide in this country.”

“I just got chills,” I said, when she told me that story. And she admitted: “Same here.”

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