What inspired you to run for office? “I come from a family of public servants. My father is a rancher, retired state employee and former city councilman for Las Vegas, NM. My mother stood up discrimination and won in the supreme court. This court decision is the foundation decision for significant human rights and equal treatment law in New Mexico and it ensured women can rightfully return to work for the same pay after maternity leave. She then went on to become an educator, high school counselors and union member. My parents’ values of hard work, service, fighting and caring for others, are what inspired me to start a career in public service. I had more than a decade of public service working at the federal and state government when my mentors in Sandoval County asked that I serve in an elected capacity by running for County Treasurer. I have the honor of working as a constituent services representative for US Senator Bingaman; learned about healthcare when I worked for the human services department; and in several capacities of the NM State Legislature. I have worked for 7 years on state and national policy as the Treasurer’s Affiliate legislative chair and in several leadership positions at the National Association of Counties. These policy initiatives and successful passage of many bills are inspired by tax and policy issues and challenges, particularly for our most vulnerable populations, that I see every day in our Treasurer’s office. Though we have been extremely successful in transparency, accessibility, and strong fiscal responsibility, my skills and experience can be fully utilized at the National level to help more New Mexicans. I have a list of policies that I want to help fix for New Mexicans. I have the energy and budgetary, legislative and relationship-building experience to truly make a difference in people’s lives as Northern New Mexico’s first congresswoman.”

What are you fighting for? “Every day New Mexicans — our Veterans, seniors, natives, and working families. Much of my public service has been focused on constituencies that rarely have a voice among the powerful or special interests. As Treasurer, I’ve fought for seniors on fixed incomes so they don’t lose their homes. I’ve fought for Veterans and working families, closing tax loopholes and ensuring taxes are fair and equitable. I’ve fought for our tribes and land grants by ensuring they have the opportunity to reacquire land they’ve lost through “right of first offer”. I’ve worked towards transparency and access in my office by increasing outreach throughout the county, ensuring it’s easier to pay bills in a number of ways and placing documentation online.” 

What do you want voters to know about you? “I know the North. I was born, raised and educated in Las Vegas, NM with my roots in Mora and San Miguel counties. In my current elected position, I serve a microcosm of the 3rd congressional district that contains the fastest-growing city in New Mexico, several pueblos and Navajo chapters, as well as villages and towns. I have served the north for over 17 years in several public service capacities. I am my values. From my mother, I learned to believe in affordable educational opportunities for everyone and many educational paths, as she went back to school later in life and went on to educate others. From my father, I learned the value of hard work but that we all must care for one another and fight against unfairness and inequality. I have worked in the health and human services department and have seen first-hand that our healthcare system doesn’t cover everyone equitably and it must. I know and will fight for change in the struggles of everyday New Mexicans. I myself worked three jobs in college and am still paying off debt 20 years after I attended school. I see my family struggling with long term care for my 94-year-old great auntie and others making unacceptable choices between paying for their prescription drugs or wood to heat their homes. I see the changes in our land and water due to climate disruption  — hay can’t be grown and small ranches are almost too expensive to continue. I see that we will continue to lose our rural population unless we make real investments in rural broadband, rural healthcare, a second pathway to education, and economic development. I see inequality every day in our regressive tax system and see that the powerful special interests have a stronghold in our political system.”

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