What inspired you to run for office? “I was inspired to run because Utah ranks last when it comes to equal representation regarding elected officials. I have been canvassing for and supporting other women running for office for years.”

What are you fighting for? “I am fighting to be a voice for families in my district. I am concerned about safety, stewardship and strategic growth. I will listen to resident concerns, protect our green spaces and make sure more development is not approved without adequate parking to prevent our roads from becoming dangerously overwhelmed with traffic and street parking. I believe an accessible community benefits all residents. Ramps, elevators, large restrooms and wide doorways should be the norm and not the exception to the rule. I want a council that looks like it’s residents. We need women, people of color, LGBTQ+, disabled individuals and young people on the council and on city advisory boards. Right now, this is not the case.”

What do you want voters to know about you? “I taught middle school for 3 years, before opening my child care business. I ran my business in Murray for 6 years. During that time I was a member of the Chamber of Commerce, and served on multiple industry advisory committees. I am also a board member for the Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault.  I now work for the Utah Health Department as a trainer at Child Care Licensing. I serve on the Murray Arts Advisory Committee and Viewmont Elementary Community Council. I believe in equity and access. I am an active and dedicated member of my community, and I am ready to get to work for its residents.”

Social Media:
Instagram – @katmartinez_801
Twitter – @KatCares_Utah
Facebook – @MartinezforCityCouncil

“I am in need of donations and people willing to phone bank from anywhere or knock doors locally. Volunteers can contact me from the website – https://www.martinezformurray.com/.
Vote Kat Martinez November 5, 2019!”

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