What inspired you to run for office? “Columbus is a vibrant and growing city with a tremendous future ahead. But we have real work to do to break down the barriers of poverty and build up working- and middle-class families. I first ran for office in 2015 because I believe it is deeply unfair and unacceptable that the ZIP code where a child is born is a predictive factor in what kind of outcomes she can expect in her life – likelihood to go to college or serve time in prison, likelihood to earn a middle-class wage or barely a living wage, likelihood to live until 65 or 85, or even past one year old. On Columbus City Council, I have used my experience in job creation and nonprofit service to fight for broad-based economic prosperity that works for every neighborhood, every small business, and every resident in this great community. The opportunity to continue this work is why I’m running for reelection. We must level the playing field so that every child and every family can succeed.”

What are you fighting for? “More than anything, I’m fighting for a world I’m proud to leave behind to my children — a city that beats the odds and provides an equitable shot at success no matter where a child is born. In my first term on Columbus City Council, I have begun to tackle this by incentivizing $15-per-hour jobs; requiring affordable housing in market-rate projects; dedicating capital dollars towards further affordable housing priorities; and funding pre-K access for four-year-olds and advanced training for their teachers. Going forward we must invest further in housing affordability, boosting wages, and ensuring every child has access to quality early childhood education.”

What do you want voters to know about you? “As a parent of two young children, I understand how high the stakes are when it comes to public policymaking. I want for every child in this city what I want for my own: an equal shot at success in life. That means strong and safe neighborhoods, equitable education from birth to postsecondary, good-paying jobs, healthy public infrastructure, and smart mass transit.”

Twitter: @lizforus
Instagram: @lizclarkebrown
Facebook: /lizforus

“The best way to get involved with my campaign is to volunteer or to donate! Both can be done on my website: www.lizforus.com.”

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