I’ve been thinking lately about bifurcation points. As we look back on our lives, we can all identify places where a sharp and deliberate choice was made–either by us, by another person, or by circumstances. From where we stand now, we may wonder what the other path might have yielded. These points dot our histories, both personal and professional, leaving us curious about the path not taken.

I read once that people’s greatest regrets are the things not tried. Seldom do we regret something we attempted, whether it succeeded or not. Instead, we wonder why we didn’t take a certain opportunity when it presented itself. Is always doubting our choices the human condition? Perhaps. But one thing is certain. All paths have led to here and from this vantage point, we make all future decisions.

A major bifurcation point for me–and I’m guessing you, too–was the 2016 presidential election. How many of us will define our lives as pre-Trump and post-Trump? That moment was the inspiration and motivation for starting Putting Women In Their Place. I wanted to change the misogynistic and misinformed narrative. In each moment, we can stay the course or take a leap of faith. I chose to leap.

I learned quickly that I was not alone. There are so many of us in this space of supporting and promoting progressive candidates, many well-established, many just beginning (like us). Need training? Look to Vote Run Lead or find an Emerge chapter in your state. Are you a mom with children living at home? Contact Vote Mama. Are you Latina? Then you need to know about Latino Victory Fund. A woman of color? Contact Higher Heights. Under 40? Then Launch Progress might be for you. LGBTQ? Get to know Equality PAC. And if you check multiple boxes, apply for all of their endorsements. You probably know about Emily’s List, but nearly every state has its “list” that endorses and trains women for office. A quick Google search will reveal a bevy of additional resources. When you are ready to get your message out to your voters, register with us. We will match you with a progressive media team in your region who will work with you to speak on camera to express your ideas clearly in order to amplify your authentic voice. This is exactly what is needed right now–your voice.

If holding elected office is not your path, consider working on a campaign. Your local candidate needs you. There is no doubt that the choice you make will be exhausting, time-consuming, and life-altering, but I can assure you that you’ll never look back on that choice with regret. Take the leap!

Looking Forward,

Megan Park

Megan Park

Megan Park

Putting Women In Their Place came to me after the 2016 election because I knew that I was not interested in running for office but wanted to support the progressive pro-choice women who were. Telling stories, connecting with people and making videos is what I know how to do. Looking forward...

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