What inspired you to run for office? “I’ve worked behind the scenes in politics and policy for years and never saw myself running for office –– I’ve always enjoyed being behind the scenes. Then a council member here resigned to challenge Clarkston’s mayor, triggering a special election. When the only person to qualify was an individual who had already served two terms and then ran for a third term and lost, I knew I couldn’t continue to sit on the sidelines. Georgia is a conservative state, but Clarkston’s doesn’t have to be, and local municipal offices grant us the opportunity to take action and push forward progressive policies. Knowing that, I took the plunge and qualified to run on the final day!”

What are you fighting for? “I’m fighting to create Clarkston that is an oasis against the hate and rhetoric currently playing out at the state and nation levels. I’m fighting to create a community where everyone feels safe, welcome and like they actually have a seat at the decision making table. And, I’m fighting to get more young people not only involved in the decisions and offices that impact their daily life, but to also run for office!” 

What do you want voters to know about you? “I’m the youngest woman elected to our council in Clarkston’s 135-year history. I’m also a fierce advocate for human rights, women’s reproductive rights, and environmental justice. In the two years I’ve been in office, I’d led on the creation and passage of a sweeping Non-Discriminaition Ordinance (we were the third city in Georgia to pass one!) and our work to fully convert our city to 100% renewable energy by 2050 and embed farming and urban agriculture into the fabric of our community.”

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“Get involved with our campaign by visiting: https://andreacervone.me/ or email me directly at AndreaRCervone@gmail.com.
Re-elect Andrea Cervone on
November 5, 2019!”

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