Trickle Up Theory

There are progressive voices everywhere. In the nearly two years since the 2016 presidential election, record numbers of women have registered at their local boards of election. Why? To carry the standard of democracy into the real world—in which women make up 51% of the population but only 19% serve …

Grand Canyon

I am at the Grand Canyon. Right Now. It is my first trip to the southwest and I am vacationing with my family, doing my best to unplug and disconnect from work and the world. It is truly my goal, made all the more achievable by the fact that wifi …

Jennifer Howd


What Happened November 7, 2017

What happened on November 7, 2017, the first election cycle after the surprising day in 2016 we remember all too well? Change. Lots of it. Across the nation Progressive candidates took seats from Republicans. This first vital step towards a re-envisioned future was made possible by countless people truly energized …

Welcome to Putting Women In Their Place

Wonder Woman was released weeks ago to universal praise. School children, both boys and girls were inspired by the strong and smart character portrayed on the screen. Directed by a woman, many of the scenes are like nothing we have ever seen before. A strong woman directing a strong woman …

Kiki Rosatti


Megan Park

Megan Park