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Putting Women In Their Place, Inc. is a nationwide network of feminist media professionals producing campaign videos for progressive, pro-choice women running for office.

The 2016 presidential election highlighted the need for more women in office up and down the ballot and Putting Women In Their Place was born. We are a full service video production house building a nationwide network of other film and media makers in order to reach candidates where they are and provide them with video, digital and social media support which is the most vibrant and cost-effective way to reach voters.

Launched in September 2017 with a goal to provide as many videos to progressive pro-choice women as possible, we made 43 videos for 43 candidates in 4 states within 8 weeks. Many of these were 1st time candidates running against incumbents; 40% of our candidates won.

Co-founders Megan Park and Michelle Gardner, first partnered in Little Sprig Productions which specializes in fundraising, mission and marketing videos for nonprofits, foundations, and small businesses. Little Sprig Productions has helped organizations raise millions of dollars at fundraising galas and online. Currently, they are nearing completion on a documentary, Common Goals, about a Cincinnati high school soccer team comprised of refugee boys from around the globe.

Who We Are

Megan Park

Our Team

Founded “Putting Women In Their Place” because creating teams and producing video is what she knows how to do.

Michelle Gardner

Our Team

Partner and Video Editor in Chief because politics and news are her lifeblood.

Kristin McCracken

Our Team

Because our voices are louder when we amplify our message. Spread the word.

Julianna Ndikintum

Our Team

Because life is better when women are empowered.

Lucie Rice

Our Team

Because I like drawing strong women, but seeing them come to life in 3-D is even better.

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