Who We Are

Putting Women In Their Place, Inc. is a nationwide network of feminist media professionals producing videos, social media, and digital strategy for progressive, pro-choice women.

We are a full service production house building a nationwide network of other film and media makers in order to reach organizations and candidates where they are and provide them with video, digital and social media support which is the most vibrant and cost-effective way to reach voters.

The 2016 presidential election highlighted the need for more women in office up and down the ballot. Putting Women In Their Place was born. We began so that we could give voice to progressive women running for office. We support all women who share our values, helping them achieve their goals in any field they choose.

Our Mission

Putting Women In Their Place’s mission is to drive social change with carefully curated media. By unifying around a shared vision, we are transforming the political, economic and social justice landscape to create the country we want to live in.

Our Goals

Amplify the message of progressive female candidates because we feel women’s voices have been quieted or silenced for too long.

Increase the number of progressive candidates elected to office using video, social media and targeted digital strategies

Ensure equal rights and opportunities for the underrepresented in all communities.

Our Manifesto

Storytelling is our passion… Promoting and supporting womxn is our mission.

We are a group of self-proclaimed feminists.  Your story will be told through the FEMALE lens.

Politics can be dirty business.  We run a clean business. No politicking with us; what you see is what you get.

With you in the arena, things are already looking up.  We will always show you in the best light. 

Speak your truth and we will amplify your authentic voice. We will never tell you what to say. We will help you realize your best self.

Our country deserves to be represented by an intersectional and diverse group of people who are unabashedly themselves. 

We work with people who share the following beliefs:

  • We support equal rights for all individuals regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, ability or sexual orientation, including the right to serve in the military, to marry and have equal opportunity for jobs and housing.
  • A woman has the right to choose an abortion in accordance with the legal precedence of Roe v. Wade.
  • An important role of government is to ensure that nobody falls through the cracks due to circumstances beyond their control.
  • Cultural, racial, ethnic and religious differences strengthen our nation.
  • We believe in the separation of church and state.
  • The Earth is our most precious resource and we need to be proactive in protecting the natural world and limiting man-made sources of pollution.
  • There is too much senseless gun violence.

Our Team

Megan Park

Founder/CEO, Filmmaker & Feminist

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Dale VanSteenberg


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Lani Neumann

Director of Media

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Jennifer Howd

Media Networks Director

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Katie Wallace

Social Media Manager

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Andrea Cunningham

Head of Production

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Kiki Rosatti

Producer, Media Trainer

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Clara Matonhodze

Digital Strategist

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Women in United States Politics

Women make up 51% of the population but less than 25% of elected officials.










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